Thein et al evaluated the impact of anemia on the quality of life and functional performance of older adults living in the community. The authors are from the Institute for Advanced Studies in Aging and Geriatric Medicine, National Institute on Aging, University of Chicago, University of South Florida, University of Utah and Amgen, Inc.


Patient selection: adult >= 65 years of age


Criteria for anemia:

(1) male and hemoglobin < 13 g/dL

(2) female and hemoglobin < 12 g/dL


Associations of a lower hemoglobin (extended into levels at the lower end of the reference range for gender):

(1) greater fatigue

(2) lower handgrip strength (used as a measure of physical performance)

(3) more disability (functional limitations)

(4) more depressive symptoms


The causal relationship between anemia and these findings was not established.


An older patient with a low normal hemoglobin or anemia:

(1) should be evaluated for quality of life.

(2) should have the causes of anemia identified and corrected if possible


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