The amputation of a limb may have a number of negative implications for a patient's quality of life.


Impact of an upper or lower limb amputation:

(1) depression

(2) reduced employment or unemployment, with economic problems

(3) stigma

(4) reduction in sexual activity

(5) impairment of exercise, recreation and leisure activity

(6) loss of social contacts which can lead to social isolation


Impact of a lower limb amputation:

(1) decreased mobility


Impact of an upper limb amputation:

(1) decreased manual dexterity


Factors affecting the impact:

(1) number, level and location of the amputation(s)

(2) visibility of the prosthesis

(3) quality of the prosthesis

(4) comorbid conditions

(5) support from others

(6) attitude of the patient (with some patient's experiencing very little impact)

(7) pain or problems at the amputation site


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