A person is more likely to adopt and maintain a physically active lifestyle if he or she has certain perceptions. Likewise certain perceptions can pose barriers to being active.


Perceptions associated with a physically active lifestyle – The person:

(1) perceives a net benefit.

(2) chooses an enjoyable activity.

(3) feels competent doing the activity.

(4) feels safe doing the activity.

(5) can easily access the activity on a regular basis.

(6) can fit the activity into the daily schedule.

(7) feels that the activity does not generate a financial or social cost that is unbearable.

(8) experiences a minimum of negative consequences (injuries, loss of time, negative peer pressure, problems with self-identity)

(9) is able to successfully address issues of competing time demands

(10) recognizes the need to balance the use of labor-saving devices and sedentary activities with activities that involve a higher level of physical exertion


Scoring options:

(1) yes or no

(2) Likert scale

(3) scores for and against an active lifestyle


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