Certain patients undergoing total joint arthroplasty procedures have a very low chance of receiving a blood transfusion in the perioperative period. These patients may not need to donate autologous blood. 


(1) The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Expert Panel on the Use of Autologous Blood has recommended that patients with < 10% chance of needing a perioperative transfusion should not be encouraged to donate autologous blood.

(2) A large percentage (56% of units in the study population) of the autologous products are discarded.


Factors with an increased risk for blood transfusion:

(1) revision knee or hip procedure

(2) one-stage bilateral primary knee replacement

(3) initial hemoglobin < 130 g/L

(4) age >= 65


Groups with Very Low Chance of Perioperative Transfusion


Group 1:

(1) hemoglobin >= 150 g/L

(2) unilateral primary arthroplasty


Group 2:

(1) hemoglobin 130 – 150 g/L

(2) age < 65 years of age

(3) unilateral primary arthroplasty


NOTE: These findings are similar to those described above in 05.01.02.

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