Just as proper attention to a wound can significantly enhance its healing, poor care can take a simple wound and make it worse.


Iatrogenic causes of poor wound healing:

(1) failure to address malnutrition

(2) failure to address poor perfusion and oxygenation of the site

(3) failure to control diabetes or other disorders contributing to poor wound healing

(4) failure to change medications contributing to poor wound healing

(5) failure to debride adequately and remove foreign material

(6) failure to respond to signs of infection

(7) general neglect of the patient

(8) failure to change dressings appropriately

(9) early removal of sutures

(10) application of tissue-damaging chemical cleansers (Betadine, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, etc.) to the wound

(11) overly aggressive debridement

(12) failure to protect wound from recurrent injury (pressure, impact, patient rubbing, etc.)


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