The Hypotension Score can be used to predict the mortality rate for critically ill patients with sustained, unexplained hypotension.

Patient population:

(1) 101 adults admitted to the ICU of an academic medical center (UCSF)

(2) hypotension lasting > 60 minutes which was unexplained



(1) number of days from time of admission to onset of hypotension

(2) APACHE II score at the onset of hypotension

(3) reason for hospital admission


hypotension score =

= (number of days from hospital admission to onset of hypotension) + (1.5 * (APACHE II score)) + (20 * (admission value))



• admission value = 0 if admitted for surgery or for treatment of malignancy, else 1



• The values can range widely depending on the number of days and the APACHE II scores (range of values 0 to 71).

• minimum score: theoretically 0

• maximum score: dependent on number of days. It could be 156 for a 30 day interval, which would be a relatively long admission by today's standards.


Hypotension Score

Mortality Rate

< 40


40 - 64


>= 65



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