A renal transplant patient may develop hypertension, especially if certain risk factors are present.


Risk factors for hypertension after a renal transplant:

(1) hypertension in the recipient prior to the renal transplant

(2) hypertension in the donor prior to the transplant

(3) therapy with calcineurin inhibitors (cyclosporine, tacrolimus)

(4) therapy with corticosteroids

(5) therapy with other drugs associated with hypertension, including erythropoietin

(6) stenosis of the artery to the transplanted kidney

(7) acute or chronic rejection of the transplanted kidney

(8) focal glomerulosclerosis of the transplanted kidney

(9) other causes of renal dysfunction affecting the transplanted kidney

(10) excessive release of renin from the native kidney if retained

(11) salt sensitivity

(12) erythrocytosis (may not be causal)


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