Minocycline may be given for a long period of time in patients with acne or other conditions. Some patients develop hyperpigmentation that can be disfiguring.


Cutaneous Location



blue-black pigmentation on the face at sites of inflammation or scarring


Type 1

circumscribed blue-grey pigmentation on arms and legs in normal skin

hemosiderin and melanin

Type 2

diffuse muddy-brown color on sun-exposed skin


Type 3

blue-grey pigmentation over thorax within scar tissue

melanin with calcium

Type 4


Additional sites:

(1) nail beds

(2) subcutaneous fat

(3) sclera

(4) oral mucosa

(5) teeth

(6) sites of inflammation (leprosy, etc)


Conditions associated with increased risk:

(1) atopic dermatitis

(2) pemphigus

(3) pemphigoid

(4) steroid therapy

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