Hydroa Vacciniforme is an uncommon photodermatitis that often starts in childhood.


Synonym: Bazin’s hydroa vaccinoforme



(1) recurrent photodermatitis affecting sun-exposed skin

(2) pruritis and stinging in exposed skin after light exposure

(3) deep seated vesiculopapular lesions develop

(4) depressed scar on healing

(5) exclusion of other causes including porphyria

(6) lesions provoked by repeated exposure to UVA wavelengths in the 330 to 360 nm range (phototesting).


It has been linked to chronic Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infection.



(1) severe scarring with flexion contracture involving one or more fingers

(2) keloid scarring

(3) sclerokeratitis

(4) NK/T cell lymphoproliferative disorder (as a complication of the EBV infection)


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