Some killers take a “trophy” from a victim.


Trophies may include:

(1) a body part (as done by Jack the Ripper or Jeffrey Dahmer)

(2) a piece of hair

(3) jewelry or watch

(4) driver’s license

(5) other pictures

(6) press clippings or other news reports

(7) anything viewed as personal to the victim


Trophies are most often taken by serial killers who use the trophy in personal fantasies. It helps the killer to relive the experience.


The need to take a trophy can help crime investigators to identify the murderer.

(1) Finding a stash of trophies can help to convict the murderer and to find additional victims.

(2) Finding that something is missing could be a clue to that a serial killer is at work.

(3) What is taken can help to profile the killer and to track the killer down.


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