Graboyes et al identified risk factors for hospital readmission for otolaryngology patients. These can help to identify patients who may benefit from more aggressive management. The authors are from Washington University in St. Louis.


Patient selection: otolaryngology patient discharged from hospital


Outcome: 30-day hospital readmission


Risk factors for readmission:

(1) major complication (odds ratio 11.6)

(2) new total laryngectomy (odds ratio 4.7)

(3) discharge to a skilled nursing facility (odds ratio 2.7)

(4) severe coronary artery disease or chronic lung disease (odds ratio 2.3)

(5) active illicit drug use (odds ratio 2.6)



• The presence of both severe coronary artery disease and chronic lung disease would seem to warrant a higher risk than only one.


Major complications may include:

(1) surgical site infection

(2) wound dehiscence

(3) postoperative bleeding

(4) airway obstruction

(5) pneumonia or other respiratory complication

(6) venous thrombosis or thromboembolism


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