A woman may experience a nonallergic rhinitis associated with peaks in or exposure to female hormones.


General features:

(1) The severity of rhinitis symptoms tend to parallel levels of female hormones.

(2) Symptoms resolve when hormones are low only to reappear with a new surge.


Rhinitis of pregnancy

(1) The onset or worsening of rhinitis during a pregnancy

(2) The resolution of signs and symptoms within 2 weeks of delivery.


Other forms:

(1) rhinitis during menarche associated with hormonal surges

(2) rhinitis during menstrual period

(3) rhinitis while taking hormonal contraceptives


Differential diagnosis:

(1) allergy to additive in exogenous hormone

(2) allergic rhinitis unrelated to hormone

(3) other form of nonallergic rhinitis

(4) rhinosinusitis


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