"Hooding" is a passive method of handling victims. It is considered a form of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment (CIDT).


Hooding consists of a loose sac or bag that is placed over the entire head.


The same effect as hooding can be achieved with use of eye (goggles, tape, blindfold, mask) and ear (plugs, earmuffs, etc) covers.


Effects on the victim:

(1) fear, claustrophobia or panic

(2) sensory deprivation leading to disorientation

(3) helplessness and inability to avoid blows or defend self


Benefits for the torturers:

(1) dehumanizes victim

(2) makes torture easier by hiding injuries and reducing guilt

(3) "softens up" the victim without leaving visible marks

(4) covers up injuries when a photograph or video is made

(5) prevents any chance of recognizing the surroundings


A hooded victim is often subjected to other forms of abuse:

(1) physical blows

(2) psychological blows (mock execution, etc)

(3) asphyxiation

(4) irritants or nauseants placed under the hood

(5) sleep deprivation

(6) loud music

(7) starvation and fluid restriction


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