Honor killing and other honor crimes is a form of violence perpetuated by family members against another family member in the name of family honor.


Synonym: shame killing


Features of a honor-related violence:

(1) The violence is conducted by one or more family members against another.

(2) The targeted family member is perceived as violating a social taboo or traditional cultural norm.

(3) Failure to respond to this behavior would mean shame for the entire family.

(4) Other family members use violence to cleanse the family honor.

(5) Such violence is accepted behavior within the culture and society.


Behaviors by a woman that could trigger retaliation:

(1) adultery

(2) premarital sex

(3) pregnancy outside marriage

(4) rape

(5) falling in love with an unacceptable person


Behaviors by a man that could trigger retaliation:

(1) extramarital relationship

(2) homosexuality

(3) falling in love with an unacceptable person


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