An effective home care treatment program requires that multiple needs be met and goals achieved. If properly organized, home health care can provide effective care while reducing inpatient care and medical care costs.


The program should have adequate technical resources:

(1) available around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

(2) capable of rapid response (ideally within an hour in an urban setting)

(3) medical staff available to aid in the assessment and accessible around the clock


The visiting practitioner be:

(1) able to spend time flexibly with the patient and social network, including several visits daily if required

(2) able to remain involved throughout a crisis until it is resolved

(3) competent to administer and supervise medication and treatments

(4) able to serve as gatekeeper to acute inpatient care

(5) ensures that patients are connected to receive further care and services as needed


The program should be able to give good psychosocial support:

(1) able to address the social issues surrounding the person's condition

(2) able to provide practical solutions for problems

(3) able to serve as a information resource and support structure for caregivers

(4) able to provide counseling


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