An HIV-infected patient may develop an acute psychosis. It is important to identify the cause if possible in order to adequately manage the patient.


Differential diagnosis of psychosis in an HIV-infected patient:

(1) pre-existing psychotic disorder

(2) psychotic depression

(3) substance abuse

(4) metabolic encephalopathy

(5) HIV encephalopathy

(6) other infection of the central nervous system

(7) adverse reaction to a therapeutic drug

(8) central nervous system tumor


The evaluation may involve:

(1) review of past medical history

(2) interviews of family, friends and acquaintances about the patient's recent status

(3) review of anti-retroviral therapy

(4) review of other medications

(5) blood analysis

(6) drug screening

(7) brain imaging studies

(8) CSF fluid analysis and culture


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