Riedel’s thyroiditis can be diagnosed if certain histopathologic features are present in the thyroid gland.


Histologic criteria for Riedel’s thyroiditis:

(1) There is inflammation of the thyroid gland that extends into adjacent tissues.

(2) Occlusive phlebitis should be present.


Exclusions - The following should be absent:

(1) granulomas and/or giant cells

(2) oncocytes (Hurthle cells)

(3) lymphoid follicles

(4) thyroid carcinoma


Supportive findings:

(1) plasma cells positive for IgA and/or IgG4

(2) antithyroid antibodies in the serum

(3) elevated IgG4 in the serum

(4) presence of normal thyroid tissue sharply demarcated from the inflammatory process


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