Injection of foreign material under high pressure can occur as an industrial accident. A high pressure jet of liquid (up to 800 atmospheres) traveling at high speed can even penetrate protective equipment. The initial injury and subsequent complications can result in significant impairment to the worker.


Risk factors:

(1) type of material injected

(2) amount of material injected

(3) the amount of pressure

(4) location

(5) delay in seeking treatment, often due to a failure to appreciate the seriousness of the injury

(6) infection

(7) damage to vessels and adequacy of perfusion

(8) damage to nerve


A finger after an injection injury may be:

(1) painful

(2) numb

(3) edematous or bloated

(4) tense

(5) pale

(6) cold



(1) compartment syndrome

(2) cold intolerance

(3) hypersensitivity

(4) paresthesias

(5) pain

(6) decreased range of motion in fingers

(7) impaired grip and pinch

(8) impairment in activities of daily living and work capacity

(9) impaired perfusion

(10) amputation


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