Herpes simplex and Varicella zoster can both cause anterior uveitis.

Clinical features:

(1) keratitis (herpetic corneal branches)

(2) anterior uveitis

(3) elevated intra-ocular pressure at presentation

(4) iris sector atrophy

(5) positive anterior chamber tap (for antibody, for viral DNA by PCR)


Varicella zoster may be accompanied by lesions involving the ophthalmic branch of the fifth cranial nerve.



(1) elevated intra-ocular pressure

(2) keratitis

(3) dry eye

(4) posterior synechiae

(5) cataract

(6) glaucoma

(7) scleritis

(8) posterior capsule opacification

(9) cystoid macular edema


The presence of >= 3 intra-ocular pressure peaks (pressure > 21 mm Hg prior to start of IOP-lowering medications) was associated with an increased risk of developing secondary glaucoma.

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