Christensen et al used the ratio of MCHC to MCV to identify neonates with hereditary spherocytosis (HS). The authors are from Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City.

Patient selection: neonate



(1) MCHC in pg/cell

(2) MCV in femtoliters


MCHC-to-MCV ratio =

= (MCHC) / (MCV)



• In hereditary spherocytosis the MCHC tends to be increased and MCV decreased.

• A ratio > 0.36 was 97% sensitive and > 99% specific for hereditary spherocytosis.


Additional findings:

(1) An MCV < 90 fL has a sensitivity of 54% and specificity > 99%.

(2) An MCHC value > 36 is a sensitivity of 54% and specificity > 99%.

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