Humans may be exposed to veterinary drugs, which can be hazardous to their health. It is illegal to intentionally give a human a veterinary drug.

Manner of exposure:

(1) accidental

(2) occupational

(3) intentional


People intentionally take a veterinary drug because:

(1) it is easier to get a hold of

(2) it is cheaper


Diversion of veterinary drugs has been a problem with animal tranquilizers and pain medications.


Source of hazard to humans:

(1) toxic compound (chemotherapy, etc)

(2) unsuitable for human consumption


Reasons why a veterinary drug may be unsuitable for human consumption:

(1) difference in metabolism

(2) higher concentration for large animal

(3) greater potency

(4) impurities in formulation or production

(5) problems of self-medication

(6) deterioration due to improper storage and handling

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