Mouth-to-mouth kissing can be hazardous to your health. People continue to do it anyway.


The primary hazard is transmission of an infectious disease:

(1) infectious mononucleosis ( Epstein-Barr Virus, EBV)

(2) hepatitis A, B or C

(3) primary or secondary syphilis

(4) Neisseria meningitides

(5) oral trichomoniasis (24.42.09)

(6) tuberculosis

(7) enteroviruses

(8) Lassa fever


Other hazards of kissing:

(1) anaphylaxis in a person with a severe food allergy (22.02.13), which may result in Kounis syndrome

(2) locking of dental braces (more apocryphal than real)

(3) bite injury of lip or tongue

(4) aspiration of a displaced dental appliance

(5) head or facial trauma following collision


Risk factors for complications of kissing:

(1) intoxication

(2) gingivitis and poor oral hygiene

(3) immunosuppression

(4) anger

(5) promiscuous behavior


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