Body stuffing refers to hiding drugs or other items in various body orifices to evade police. This may be associated with a number of hazards for the stuffee.


This differs from body packing but may overlap. In body packing multiple packets of drugs are swallowed to smuggle drugs past border guards then defecated later. Body stuffing can be used to smuggle items into a jail or prison.


Sites that may be used:

(1) rectum

(2) vagina (in women)

(3) mouth (limited volume)



(1) laceration from any sharp or pointed object

(2) drug overdose

(3) inability to retrieve

(4) chemical burn

(5) firearm discharge


Risk factors :

(1) larger quantity of material

(2) time available (emergency vs planned with a holding device)

(3) hazardous drugs or materials


The possibility of body stuffing needs to be considered when a person in custody is brought in for medical care. A complete medical examination is required to exclude the presence of occult materials that could be the basis for the person’s signs and symptoms.


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