Sometimes children have problems swallowing pills. A number of interventions can help to reduce these problems. This is especially important for a child who needs to take medicine for a long period of time.


Risk factors for that can make swallowing pills difficult for a child:

(1) negative experience in the past associated with medications

(2) large number of pills

(3) large pills that are hard to swallow

(4) pills with an unpleasant taste

(5) prolonged need to take pills

(6) dysphagia and difficulty swallowing

(7) conflict with parent


Effective interventions may include:

(1) Switching to a liquid formulation of the drug.

(2) Breaking up the pill when possible.

(3) Training the child in proper head posture and how to swallow.

(4) Drinking a liquid after swallowing the pills..

(5) Use of a specialized pill cup.

(6) Using a flavored throat lubricant spray.

(7) Behavioral therapy.


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