A person who been abusing methamphetamines or other psychotropic drugs may develop a paranoid psychosis. Such a patient can become violent and harm self or others.



(1) To avoid any action that might trigger a violent reaction by the person.

(2) To calm the person if possible.

(3) To have a chance to get help.


Behavior That May Be Mistaken as a Threat

Safe Action

Getting too close.

Keep a safe distance.

Moving too fast.

Keep movements slow and deliberate.

Having hands hidden or out of sight.

Keep both hands visible and the palms open.

Making any gesture towards the person.

Avoid any gesture that might be misconstrued as threatening.

Speaking too loud or too fast.

Speak slowly and clearly in a low voice.

Providing more stimulation than the person can handle.

Keep lights low and noise low.

Letting the person dwell on paranoid thoughts.

Keep the person talking.


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