A driver who grips the steering wheel tightly during a head-on collision may develop a number of injuries to the hand as a result. Keith and Wollstein reported a constellation of hand injuries associated with a steering wheel-related injury. The authors are from the University of Pittsburgh.


Clinical features:

(1) history of being a driver in a head-on motor vehicle collision AND gripping the steering wheel

(2) dislocation of the scaphotrapexio-trapezoidal (STT) joint

(3) multiple dislocations of carpometacarpal joints

(4) variable fracture of one or more carpal bones

(5) variable injuries to the radius and/or ulna

(6) often both hands are affected


These injuries may be overlooked during the initial assessment and may not be considered later.


Hand imaging studies to detail injuries can minimize the number of surgeries required and improve the functional outcome.


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