Moist towelettes are used as baby wipes and for personal hygiene. A person with a contact allergy to something in the product may develop a hand eczema.


Compounds in a moist towelette that may trigger an allergic response:

(1) formaldehyde or other preservative

(2) fragrance

(3) botanical additives

(4) propylene glycol

(5) disinfectant (such as quarternary ammonium)


The primary complaint is hand eczema. This tends to be more severe in the dominant hand involving skin exposed to the wipe (grip-like pattern).


A person who uses the towelette for personal hygiene may develop an allergic rash over the cleaned area (perianal area, genitals, other).


The hand eczema should improve if the person wears protective latex-free gloves or switches to a moist towelette without the implicated allergens.


An infant or person without an allergy will not show a rash after contact with the product. This tends to exclude a direct chemical irritant.


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