HAIR-AN is an acronym for a disorder of women featuring a number of endocrine abnormalities.


Key clinical features:

(HA) hyperandrogenism

(IR) insulin resistance, with increased serum insulin levels

(AN) acanthosis nigricans


Features of hyperandrogenism may include:

(1) acne

(2) alopecia

(3) hirsutism

(4) variable clitorimegaly

(5) amenorrhea

(6) infertility

(7) increased muscularity


Additional findings:

(1) obesity with increased ratio of waist-to-hips

(2) association with endocrine disorders including:

(2a) polycystic ovary syndrome

(2b) adrenal disorders(Cushing's syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, adrenocortical tumor)

(2c) thyroid disorders (Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Graves disease)

(2d) pituitary disorders (adenoma with acromegaly, other)


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