A condom's protection against infection and contraception is dependent on consistent and correct usage. The female condom is made from polyurethane rather than latex.


Prior to Intercourse


Do not reuse a female condom.


Female condoms generally are not recommended for use at the same time as a male condom. Check the manufacturer's instructions.


Inspect the condom prior to use for any holes or tears.


Handle condoms carefully, avoiding tearing or puncturing on fingernails, teeth or sharp objects.


Use a lubricant that is approved by the manufacturer. Some female condoms can be used with oil-base lubricants.


Be sure that lubricant is evenly spread inside the pouch from the bottom to the top by rubbing the outside of the pouch together.


Hold the pouch with the open end hanging down. Squeeze the inner ring for insertion.


Insert the inner ring of the female condom into the vaginal canal similar to placing a tampon.


Push the inner ring of the female condom as far up the vaginal canal as possible.


The outer ring of the condom should cover the vulva.


After Intercourse


The condom does not need to be removed immediately after intercourse.


Squeeze and twist the outer ring to keep any fluid inside the pouch. Pull the pouch out gently.


Wrap the used condom in a tissue and discard in the trash. Wash the hands with soap and water.


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