Kurichi and Sonnad reported a table for selecting an appropriate statistical method to analyze clinical data. The authors are from the University of Pennsylvania.


(1) purpose of the study

(2) types of variable



Continuous Normal Distribution

Nonnormal Distribution or Ordinal


Survival Time


mean, standard deviation

mean, inter-quartile range


Kaplan-Meier survival

compare 2 unpaired groups

independent samples t-test

Mann-Whitney test

chi-square test or Fisher's exact

log-rank test

compare 2 paired groups

paired t-test

Wilcoxon test

McNemar's test

proportional hazards regression

compare >=3 unmatched groups

one-way ANOVA

Kruskal-Wallis test

chi-square test

proportional hazards regression

compare >= 3 matched groups

repeated measures ANOVA

Friedman test

Cochrane Q

proportional hazards regression

determine if 2 variables are associated

Pearson correlation

Spearman correlation

chi-square test


predict outcomes from 1 independent variable

simple linear regression

nonparametric regression

simple logistic regression

proportional hazards regression

predict outcomes from >= 2 independent variables

multiple linear regression

robust regression or regression on ranks

multiple logistic regression

proportional hazards regression


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