A person's may turn green (chloro = green, chlorotrichosis) following exposure to certain chemicals.


Sources of green color:

(1) copper salts

(2) selenium sulfide


Sources of copper salts:

(1) algaecide in swimming pool

(2) water from a building with copper pipes

(3) cosmetic plant extract

(4) occupational

(5) metal spectacles containing copper


Sources of selenium sulfide:

(1) treatment of tinea capitis


Hair more likely to become discolored:

(1) mechanical damage to hair

(2) hair damage from prolonged sun exposure

(3) hair that has been bleached

(4) hair that has been dyed

(5) heavy exposure with chlorinated water (chemical damage)

(6) use of alkaline shampoo

(7) blond or gray hair (light colored)


Removal of the color can be achieved with:

(1) D-penicillamine shampoo (chelates)

(2) EDTA shampoo (chelates)

(3) hydroxyethyl disphosphonic acid

(4) hydrogen peroxide

(5) warm vegetable oil


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