McCabe and Jackson used a simple classification for underlying disease in patients with gram-negative bacteremia. This is a relatively crude method for stratifying patients with bacteremia. The authors are from the University of Illinois College of Medicine.


Underlying Condition




acute leukemia in blastic phase, rapidly progressive disease

rapidly fatal

irreversible with death expected within the next 4 years despite optimum therapy

metastatic carcinoma, malignant lymphoma, chronic renal failure without transplant)

ultimately fatal

chronic or acute reversible; death not expected within the next 4 years

diabetes, obstetrical condition, gastrointestinal disorder, genitourinary disorder




• The is no classification for "none" (no underlying condition).

• I am not sure if advanced old age would be considered an ultimately fatal condition.

• A person could have a mixed classification with disorders in more than 1 of the classifications.


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