One means of treating genital and perianal warts (condylomata) is application of a topical agent. The patient may develop a variety of tissue reactions to the material.


Reasons for a tissue reaction:

(1) caustic material (direct toxic effect)

(2) prolonged application

(3) excessive dose or concentration

(4) allergy to some component


Types of reactions may include:

(1) erythema

(2) rash

(3) pruritis

(4) pain

(5) burning sensation

(6) edema

(7) induration

(8) superficial erosion or ulceration

(9) scarring


Each of these features may be graded as minimal, mild, moderate or severe.


Another variable is the area involved, with extensive disease more significant than a small local area.


A patient with one severe or multiple multiple adverse reactions may discontinue the topical agent and/or require treatment of the adverse effect(s)


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