A retained surgical sponge or towel can be the cause of postoperative bowel obstruction.


Gossypi = cotton


Risk factors for sponge or towel retention:

(1) major open surgery (thoracic, abdominal, cardiovascular, orthopedic, etc)

(2) error in sponge count after surgery

(3) emergency surgery or surgery with major intraoperative problems, especially bleeding

(4) inexperienced surgeon and/or support team

(5) failure to check the operative site prior to closure


Surgical sponges and towels have a radio-opaque marker sewn in which allows visualization on imaging studies. However, these may disintegrate or break down over time, or a sponge without a marker may be used inadvertently.


The presentation may be soon after surgery or delayed for weeks, months or years.


Additional presentations may include:

(1) abscess

(2) fistula

(3) mass mistaken for tumor


The sponge may migrate into a variety of unexpected places:

(1) across the diaphragm

(2) into the urinary bladder

(3) into the intestinal lumen (often associated with an incision in the bowel wall)


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