The oral glucose tolerance test is administered using premixed beverages with a standard concentration of glucose.


Volume: 10 ounces (296 mL)


Glucose Concentration

Total Glucose Load


5 grams per ounce

50 grams per bottle

screening a pregnant woman

7.5 grams per ounce

75 grams per bottle

nonpregnant adult or pediatric patient

10 grams per ounce

100 grams per bottle

diagnosing a pregnant woman


The dose for the nonpregnant patient is


glucose load in grams =

= MIN(75, (body weight in kilograms) * 1.75)


The equation is needed for body weights up to 42.8 kg after which the 75 kilogram is given.


The beverage comes in different flavors (orange, cola, lemon lime) but can be difficult to swallow. Keeping the beverage well-chilled can make it more palatable.


Ideally supplies of each type of glucose beverage should be available. However, sometimes it is necessary to make do with what is available.



50 gram dose

75 gram dose

100 gram dose

5 g per oz

10 ounces

15 ounces

20 ounces

7.5 g per oz

6.67 ounces

10 ounces

13.3 ounces

10 g per oz

5 ounces

7.5 ounces

10 ounces



• Giving 20 ounces of a 5 gram per ounce solution would be too much for many pregnant patients to swallow.


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