Landrigan et al reported the Global Assessment of Pediatric Patient Safety (GAPPS) Tool for detection of pediatric patient safety issues. Some triggers are related to transfers, outcomes and intensive care unit care. The authors are from Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Children's National Medical Center, George Washington University, Stanford University and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

Patient selection: pediatric

Triggers related to transfers or outcomes (T):

(1) unplanned hospital readmission within 30 days

(2) revisit to the Emergency Department within 48 hours

(3) rapid response team activation OR any code OR arrest

(4) all inpatient deaths


Triggers for neonatal/pediatric intensive care unit care (N):

(1) readmission to the ICU within 24 hours

(2) transfer to a higher level of care

(3) unplanned endotracheal intubation

(4) reintubation within 24 hours of planned extubation (failed endotracheal extubation)

(5) racemic epinephrine administration (patients mechanically ventilated within the last 24 hours)

(6) neonatal intraventricular hemorrhage Grade 3 or 4

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