Posner and Schlossman described a syndrome featuring recurrent attacks of unilateral glaucoma with cyclitic symptoms. The cause of the condition is uncertain but may involve chronic inflammation of the trabecular meshwork.


Typical patient: young to middle aged adult



(1) multiple episodes of unilateral glaucoma lasting hours to weeks

(2) intraocular pressure is typically 40 - 60 Hg during an attack

(3) symptoms of iridocyclitis (blurred vision, ocular discomfort, halos, etc)

(4) minimal findings on ocular exam (variable ciliary flush, slight papillary constriction, corneal epithelial edema, hypochromia of the iris)


Additional findings:

(1) A significant percentage of patients show HLA-Bw54.

(2) Some patients have systemic disorders that may include allergic symptoms or peptic ulcerations.

(3) Some patients may show segmental ischemia of the iris with leakage.


Gonioscopy shows:

(1) normal open angle

(2) absence of synechiae

(3) occasional debris


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