Vaughn et al coined the term "Rapunzel Syndrome" for giant gastric trichobezoar with extension into the proximal small bowel.



(1) A large trichobezoar that fills the stomach.

(2) The bezoar may extend into the duodenum and possibly the jejunum.


Clinical findings may include

(1) anorexia

(2) vomiting

(3) vague abdominal pain.

(4) palpable left upper quadrant mass conforming to the stomach.


A CT scan shows a mass with entrapped air within the lumen of the stomach.


Complications may include

(1) bowel obstruction

(2) bleeding

(3) bowel wall necrosis

(4) gastric or intestinal perforation


The bezoar often needs to be surgically resected because of

(1) complications or

(2) failure of chemical fragmentation.


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