Ghosting refers to sudden discontinuation of contact with an acquaintance or friend.

(1) two people are in communication (or other form of contact) with each other

(2) one of these 2 people (the "ghoster") suddenly stops all contact with the other and "disappears"

(3) there is apparent warning or reason for the breakoff

(4) other explanations for the failure (account failure, phone damage) are not the cause


The reason that one party becomes a "ghost" is to avoid any negative feelings that might be occur if the party breaks off the relationship. The person does not care the impact that this behavior may have on the other.


The ghosted party is left feeling confused and frustrated. It is a form of disrespect.


Factors that may contribute to the behavior may include:

(1) passive-aggressiveness

(2) narcissism

(3) sociopathic or antisocial behavior

(4) anger

(5) lack of social consequences


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