The Gestational Weight Gain Rate (GWGR) can be used to monitor weight change during pregnancy.

Patient selection: pregnant woman during second or third trimester



(1) week of gestational at initial registration

(2) current week of gestational

(3) weight in kilograms at initial registration

(4) current weight in kilograms


gestational weight gain rate =

= ((current weight) - (initial weight)) / ((current week of gestation) - (week of gestation at initial registration))



Mean Weight Gain per Week

< 18.5 kg per sq m

0.51 kg/wk

18.5 to 24.9 kg per sq m

0.42 kg/wk

25 to 29.9 kg per sq m

0.28 kg/wk

>= 30 kg per sq m

0.22 kg/wk


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