A patient with celiac sprue (gluten-sensitive enteropathy) should remove all sources of gluten in the diet to reverse the gastrointestinal immune reaction. This can be challenging since gluten is contained in so many common foods, especially prepared and convenience foods.


Gluten is present in the following cereals:

(1) wheat

(2) rye

(3) oats

(4) barley


Food components or additives which may contain these cereals:

(1) hydrolyzed vegetable protein

(2) vegetable protein

(3) flour

(4) cereal products

(5) malt and malt flavorings

(6) modified food starch made from implicated cereals

(7) flavorings

(8) vegetable gums

(9) emuslifiers

(10) food stabilizers


Foods which should be avoided:

(1) breads

(2) breaded foods

(3) creamed foods

(4) escalloped foods

(5) meat loaves

(6) gravies and soups

(7) commercial salad dressings

(8) beer, ale, stout (truly a hardship)

(9) whisky, bourbon

(10) cakes, cookies and other pastries made with gluten containing flour

(11) pasta

(12) any prepared food using a gluten-containing component


In general a food should be avoided unless its exact composition and the derivation of its components is known with certainty.


Cereals allowed:

(1) rice

(2) corn

(3) potato

(4) soybean

(5) peanuts (unless peanut allergy present)


Some patients with moderate to severe disease will have food sensitivities (lactose intolerance, fat malabsorption, etc.) that often remit after maintaining the gluten free diet for several weeks.


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