Sohn and Robilotti used the term Gay Bowel Syndrome to describe the disorders of colon, rectum and colon that can be found in homosexual males. Many of the conditions are not limited to male homosexuals and can be found in anyone who use the anus for sexual activity. The authors are from St. Vincent's and Lenox Hill Hospitals in New York City.


Groups of disorders:

(1) sexually transmitted diseases other than HPV

(2) condyloma and its complications

(3) bacterial and parasitic infections

(4) nonspecific anorectal lesions

(5) traumatic injuries

(6) functional disorders


Sexually transmitted diseases:

(1) syphilis

(2) gonorrhea

(3) lymphogranuloma venereum


Condyloma (human papillomavirus, HPV):

(1) anal condyloma

(2) anal dysplasia

(3) Bowen's disease of the anus

(4) squamous cell carcinoma of the anus


Bacterial and parasitic infections:

(1) Shigellosis

(2) amebiasis

(3) other parasitic infection such as cryptosporidiosis (not in the original listing)

(4) nonspecific proctitis

(5) perirectal abscess


Nonspecific anorectal lesions:

(1) hemorrhoids

(2) anal fissures

(3) anal fistula

(4) solitary or multiple rectal ulceration(s)

(5) inflammatory pseudopolyps (not in the original listing)


Traumatic or toxic injuries:

(1) lacerations

(2) foreign bodies

(3) thermal injuries (not in the original listing)

(4) chemical injury (not in the original listing)


Functional disorders:

(1) fecal incontinence, anal incontinence

(2) rectal dyspareunia

(3) pruritis ani


The authors also included adenomatous polyps and hepatitis. Hepatitis may be a complication of homosexual activity but does not involve the colorectum. Adenomatous polyps would not seem to be a complication of homosexual activity.


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