Rijken et al correlated the occipotofrontal circumference (OFC) with the intracranial volume of patients with craniosynostosis. Monitoring the OFC over time can help to identify impaired growth of the skull. The authors are from Erasmus University Medical Center and Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam.

The occipitofrontal circumference (OFC) is the maximum head circumference and includes the supraorbital ridges.


Craniosynostosis groups:

(1) Apert

(2) Crouzon/Pfeiffer

(3) Muenke

(4) Saethre-Chotzen

(5) complex (> 1 suture affected AND no responsible gene mutation)


In general, the intracranial volume increases as the OFC increases. The relationship is less predictable with complex craniosynostosis.


If the data for the first 4 groups shown in Table 3 is plotted, the following relationship is derived:


ICV in cubic cm =

= (5.67 * ((OFC)^2)) - (443.4 * (OFC)) + 9485

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