Swann et al developed a score for describing videoscopic intubation with a device. The authors are from Fremantle Hospital in Perth, Australia.


Usage: with a videolaryngoscope


Elements of score:

(1) best view obtained

(2) ease of use

(3) name of specific device and blade




best view obtained

full view of laryngeal inlet



partial view (less than complete)



no view of laryngeal inlet structures, including seeing only the epiglottis


ease of use

passed first time using method specified by manufacturer

1 (easy)


more than 1 attempt OR technique not described by manufacturer OR use of an adjunct

2 (modified)


failure (unable to be passed OR technique abandoned)

3 (unachievable)


There are 9 combinations for the best view and ease of use codes.


The ideal designation is "F 1".

The least desirable designation is "N 3".


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