Isaksson developed a simple formula for estimating the body surface area of a patient from height and weight. This formula is simple and requires only simple arithmetic. The author is from Sahlgren's Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden.



(1) height in centimeters

(2) weight in kilograms


estimated body surface area in square meters =

= 1 + (((weight in kilograms) + ((height in cm) - 160)) / 100)


This can rearranged to:


estimated body surface area in square meters =

= (0.010 * ((height in cm) + (weight in kilograms))) - 0.60



• The formula is inaccurate for subjects with a body surface area < 0.8 square meters. This would correspond to infants and young children.

• The formula may underestimate body surface area for subjects with body surface areas > 2.2 square meters. This is about -5%, but the error is less than for that of DuBois and DuBois.


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