Bardeen developed an equation for estimating a patient's body surface area (BSA) based on the ratio of weight to height (W/H). This is based on comparing the human body to a square prism (Boyd).



(1) height in centimeters

(2) weight in kilograms


generic formula for body surface area =

= k * ((2 * (weight) / (height)) + (4 * (height) * (((weight) / (height))^(0.5))))


The version given by Vieitez is:


body surface area in square meters =

= 1.43 * ((2 * (weight) *1000 / (height)) + (4 * (height) * (((weight) *1000 / (height))^(0.5))))


This gives a value that may be in square centimeters, requiring division by 10,000 to get square meters.


The version of the formula given in Wang et al, Table 1 is:


body surface area in square meters =

= (0.286 * ((weight in kg) / (height in cm))) + (0.01265 * (((weight in kg) / (height in cm))^(0.5)))


This formula gives inaccurate results and an error is suspected. It appears to be missing a (height) in the second part.



• The method has a relatively high root mean square error of 0.20 (Wang et al).


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