The length of the foot in a population may be proportional to the person's height.


foot length as percent of body height =

= (foot length in cm) / (height in cm) * 100%


The average of the left and right foot lengths may be used. Some observers would take several measurements of each foot.


estimated height in cm =

= (foot length in cm) * 100%/ (normal percent for gender)


Percent in Adult Men

Percent in Adult Women

Giles and Vallandigham








• The study of Giles and Vallandigham was based on young adults in the U.S. Army.


Factors affecting relationship of foot length and height:

(1) Adult height is achieved at around 18 years. The height starts to decline after age 50.

(2) The percentage of foot length to height is affected by age, gender, height, race and measurement conditions.

(3) The percentage may range from 14 to 17% from birth death, with larger percentages seen in children, men and tall individuals.

(4) Foot length is affected by how it is measured (standing vs not standing, surface type if standing, direct vs outline, etc).

(5) Foot deformity will affect foot length.


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