A rise in plasma histamine after eating can be due to histamine in the food, food allergy or a direct effect of the food on mast cells in the duodenum or small bowel.


Foods that can cause mast cells to degranulate and release histamine (histamine-releasing foods):

(1) spices

(2) liquorice

(3) certain food additives

(4) fish

(5) crab, lobster or other crustaceans

(6) pork

(7) egg white

(8) citrus fruit

(9) papaya

(10) strawberries

(11) pineapple

(12) nuts, including peanuts

(13) tomatoes

(14) spinach

(15) chocolate


To implicate these as the cause of a rise in plasma histamine:

(1) need to exclude histamine in the food (especially the fish)

(2) exclude food, fruit and latex allergies (especially egg white, nuts, papaya and crustaceans)


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