Skin impact by a ball moving at high-speed leaves its mark. This change may be referred to by many names.

Sports-Induced Targetoid Erythema = SITE


This may occur in:

(1) racquetball

(2) ping pong

(3) tennis

(4) squash

(5) floorball (played in Europe during the winter)

(6) paintball


Lesions may be referred to as:

(1) ecchymotic patch

(2) purpura

(3) patch

(4) annular erythema

(5) targetoid erythema

(6) erythematous patch


General features:

(1) The person is engaged in an activity with a ball moving at high speed.

(2) The person is struck by a ball, usually on unprotected skin.

(3) The patient develops an area of erythema or purpura at the impact site.


The diagnosis requires exclusion of other diagnoses (insect bite, poison ivy, racquet blow).

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