Kohnke et al reported a score using flow cytometry diagnosis to make the diagnosis of chroonic lymphocytic leukemia. This is more specific than the Matutes score. The authros are from the Univeristy of Munich.


(1) percent CD200 positive cells

(2) percent positive for both CD5 and CD23

(3) percent CD79b positive

(4) percent FMC7 positive


CLL flow score =

= (percent CD200 positive) + (percent positive for both CD5 and CD23) - (percent positive for CD79b) - (percent positive for FMC7)



• minimum score: -200

• maximum score: 200

• The higher the score the greater the likelihood of CLL.

• A score > 0 indicates CLL.



• The area under the ROC curve is 0.98.

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